A world leader in mid-market mergers and acquisitions since 1956.


Stillwater Capital is experienced in a wide range of capital raising transactions - from traditional debt and equity financing to more complex recapitalization transactions.

We are not affiliated with any funder or investor, ensuring that we deliver unbiased guidance, while also promoting maximum competition among lending sources, helping to fully leverage value for our clients. We combine exceptional experience and knowledge with strong established funder/investor relationships to secure the capital our clients need.

Raising Capital

Need to raise capital for growth, expansion, acquisition or restructuring? Structuring a favorable deal requires extensive knowledge of debt and equity capital markets and sources, the analytical skills to compare competing offers, and the transaction expertise of a knowledgeable advisor to maximize value. As proven, trusted advisors, we engineer and execute spectacular financing solutions that are essential for your company’s growth and success.


SCC has extensive experience in changing a company’s capital structure via recapitalization to realize the value locked up in the company without necessarily losing control of the business.

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