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Capital Ideas Newsletter Q1 2015

This issue of Capital Ideas, our quarterly newsletter dedicated to business selling, business buying and financial resources for mid-market companies.

Middle Market Business Insights

North American M&A activity in 2014 was exceedingly optimistic as values and volume increased. According to Thomson Reuters, almost $3.5 trillion worth of deals were announced over the year – a strong 47% improvement over the total deal value for 2013. Looking ahead to 2015, this pace should continue as the North American recovery remains underway.

However, other economies around the globe are facing challenges. The Eurozone, the Middle East and many of the emerging markets are teetering as a result of unstable politics and the plunging price of oil and other commodities. Russia, one of the world’s biggest economies... Read more

Successful Acquisitions Require Successful Integration

by Jordan Nix

The success or failure of an acquisition depends on how the target is integrated. The prevailing fallacy is to integrate based on relative size; smaller targets are fully merged in with the acquiring company while larger targets remain standalone operations.

Successful integration requires a clear understanding of what is being purchased. The best way to do that is to look at a business in terms of its basic elements, its resources, processes, and priorities... Read more

International M&A

If you’re interested in making an international acquisition, let us know! We’ll be at an international conference in Hamburg, Germany in May with our partners. We would love to put you in front of our European partners.

About CFA

Corporate Finance Associates (CFA) is a founding member of ICFG, the 14th largest mid-market M&A firm in the world with over 40 offices in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Since 1956, CFA has completed more than 5,000 transactions. CFA is ranked among the top ten of mid-market investment banks in North America and top eight in Canada by Thomson Reuters.

CFA is actively seeking experienced M&A advisors with a track record of completed transactions and a passion for excellence to join their outstanding team. If you are interested, please send your resume to info@cfaw.ca.

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