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ConArt, Inc. has been acquired by KT Capital Partners LP

ConArt, Inc.

has been acquired by

KT Capital Partners LP

Corporate Finance Associates
acted as advisor to ConArt, Inc.

Situation: Twenty years following the launch of ConArt, a manufacturer and erector of precast architectural and structural components, Mr. Lyle found himself seeking to sell his company during the height of one of the country’s worst economic and construction industry downturns in recent history.

Solution: Faced with an unusually difficult engagement, CFA prepared a detailed geographic and industry sector analysis, which was effective in presenting the fact that ConArt was not suffering from the effects of the construction industry downturn. Bolstered by the in-depth report, KT Capital Partners, a private equity fund, acquired a company that is strategically located and positioned to take advantage of a vast number of growth opportunities in the Southeastern United States.